Factory Audit is as important as your heart in your body

Factory audit aims to ensure that the briquette products produced meet the specifications, are consistent, safe, and comply with the applicable regulations.

Factory audit is usually done before the product is shipped to the customer or a third party.

Factory audit means going to the factory for on-site inspection. It checks comprehensive inspection and evaluation of a manufacturing facility to assess its production processes, quality control measures, working conditions, and compliance with industry standards and regulations, and whether the factory has the ability to complete your order, to minimize risk in your supply chain.

What Does a Factory Audit Include?
1.Safety Measures: Inspection of the workplace environment, machinery safety features, employee training programs, and compliance with occupational health and safety regulations to ensure a safe working environment.
2.Documentation and Record-Keeping: Review of documentation related to quality assurance, production records, testing results, certifications, and permits to ensure proper documentation and traceability. 3.Management and Communication Pre-shipment Inspection: Final inspection of finished products to ensure they meet quality standards before shipment to customers or distribution channels.
4.Corrective Action Recommendations: Providing suggestions for addressing any non-compliance or deviations found during the audit to prevent future problems

Basil Quality Testing Lab Private Limited is aim to goal of a factory audit is to ensure that the manufacturing processes align with quality standards, safety requirements, and applicable regulations, ultimately contributing to the production of reliable and compliant products

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