Furniture’s are one of the category that every people use it on daily basis , be it indoors or outside , Furniture are being used everywhere. So it is important to evaluate that each and every product to ensure the products meets certain standard of quality and safety requirements . We at Basil with our team of expert officials aims at detecting defects and error during the inspection so that there is no any discrepancy when the final product is being delivered to the customer by the manufacturers.


Utensil are one of the most common tool which is used for household purposes, in kitchen , in restaurant’s. So it becomes very crucial to check according to the set quality standards as there are big chances of getting injured if not inspected properly and knowing the importance we at Basil , with our team of experts we ensure to inspect each and every products be it checking the sharp edges , durability , flexibility so that the final products shared by the manufacturers is safe for the end use customers.

Decorative Items

Decorative items are commonly used all over the world. And comes in different categories like bathroom décor, bedroom décor , kitchen décor , dining room décor , garden décor , living room décor , outdoor décor , wall décor . Since mostly decorative items are also perishable and prone to have cracks and defects , so the manufacturers has to take extra care of the production. To ensure the quality check , we at Basil with our team of experts taken utmost care on maintaining all the quality check that the customer gets the safest product have longer durability.

Basil provides wide range of inspection category. You name it and we have it. Our range of categories are not only limited to the above categories but it’s lot more than that . If you want more information you can connect with us and we are here to serve you with the best of the services.

Hardline Inspection Protocols

We at Basil are inclined towards following the set standard protocols as we understand the importance of the product safety and our clients time and money investment.

We follow both global standard protocols and clients specific protocols ( in case if they have any special requirement) . Our aim is to provide the best compliance free services. Our quality standards for you are mentioned below :

  • Assembly check (according to instruction manual)
  • Static Loading check:
  • Impact check for Chair
  • Outdoor Furniture For the child
  • Moisture content check
  • Coating adhesive check by 3M tape
  • Metal release
  • Impact Test
  • Thermal shock endurance
  • Resistance to freezing and freezing to oven
  • Rubbing test
  • Printing adhesion test
  • Transportation drop test (not applicable for fragile item)
  • Product Size / Weight Measurement
  • Bar code scan check
  • Assembly/ installation check
  • Special function check (for the function which only can be checked after fully assembling.)
  • Stability check (for freely standing item)
  • Moisture check for wood component
  • Coating adhesive Tape Test
  • Quantity check
  • Strength check for connection of branch/leaf tip/decoration

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