Basil provides the best testing solution for your business. Electrical Testing in itself is a diversified terminology with many sub categories falling under it. BASIL is an accredited body and our team of professionals ensures consistent test methods , results and provide service quality at its best.

  • Home Electrical Appliances
  • Small Electrical Appliances
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Audio & Video
  • Computer & Accessories
  • E-Bike Testing

As there are different sub categories in electrical appliances but when it comes to testing , they are having the same testing methodologies.
Those are mentioned below :

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/EMI)
  • EU Low Voltage Directive compliance
  • EU Machinery Directive compliance
  • Electrical safety (LVD)
  • EU Product Safety Directive compliance
  • EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED) testing
  • FCC Radio equipment testing for wireless and RF products
  • Heavy metal analysis (lead, cadmium, mercury, nickel)
  • Plasticizers (phthalates)
  • RoHS testing
  • US California Proposition 65 for Consumer Products
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
  • Product safety testing (UL/IEC)

Basil provides wide range of testing category. You name it and we have it. Our range of categories are not only limited to the above categories but it’s lot more than that . If you want more information you can connect with us and we are here to serve you with the best of the services.

Standard protocols that we follow:
  • IEC 60227:2007/EN 50525:2011 is used to check for PVC low voltage energy general cables
  • 2PFG 1169/08.2007 is used for PV cables
  • IEC 60227:2007- 10/EN 50525:2011 IEC 60245-6 is used for rubber cables
  • IEC/EN 60454:2007 is used for Adhesive tapes
  • IEC/EN 61386:2008 is used for Cable trays
  • IEC/EN 61008- 1:2012, IEC/EN 61009-1:2004 , IEC 61540:1999, IEC 62335:2004 and IEC/EN 60730- 1:2000 is used for Protecting devices and controllers
  • IEC/EN 60898:2003 is used for Circuit-Breakers and IEC/EN 60127-2, 3, -4-6 , IEC/EN 60269 for fuses
  • IEC/EN 60669- 1:1999 , IEC/EN 60669-2- 1:2004, IEC/EN 61058- 1:2002, IEC/EN 60947- 3:2009, IEC/EN 60947-5- 1:2004, IEC/EN 60947- 6:2006 is used for switches
  • IEC/EN 60439-1,-2,- 3,-4,-5 , CoC, CB, CCA IEC/EN 61439-1,-2 is used for Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies
  • IEC/EN 60884, EN 50075, EN 61242, IEC/EN 60320-1for is used for safety check of plugs and socket
  • IEC/EN 60998, IEC/EN 60999, IEC/EN 61210, IEC/EN 619841 is used for safety check of connector and connecting device

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