Fabric Inspection

Fabric Inspection is a methodical way to check if the fabric in terms of color, design, measurement specifications, hand/feel and other specific quality parameters laid down by the cli-ents. It Is one of necessary aspect which needs to followed before garment manufacturing in order to avoid rejections that can cause huge loss.

Garment Inspection

Garment Inspection main aim is to identify the defects, to visually inspect articles at random from a delivery in order to verify their general conformity and appearance with instruction/description and/or sample received. And our team at Basil , ensure that all parameters are fulfilled so that the manufacturers produced right size, right style product and their For example : Checking garments , sweing button , threads etc, measurement check , all these are done to ensurethat the products are meeting quality standardsand customers getting the right product.


Home Furnishing Inspection

Home furnishing inspections fall under textile inspections because home furnishing products such as curtains, bed linens, carpets, and towels are made of fabric. It ensures that the quality of the fabric is up to the standards set by the manufacturer and that the products are safe for use. Our professional team of experts checks that the product meets the required specifications such as the correct dimensions, fabric type, thread count, color, weight, and other customer-specific requirements. The inspector also checks for defects such as tears, holes, stains, and other physical damages also if required seam strength tests, colorfastness tests, flammability tests, and checking for proper labeling are done to ensure that the products are safe , durable and meets all legal standard protocols.

Accessories Inspection

Accessories inspection is important because these items are often in contact with the final textile product and can impact the quality of the final product. For example, if a glove has loose threads or a cap has a visible stain, it could affect the appearance or usability of the garment it is paired with. In addition, accessories can also have safety implications, such as if a glove has a tear that could lead to a worker being injured.The process for accessories inspection typically involves visual inspection for any defects or damage, as well as functional testing to ensure that the item functions as intended. For example, gloves may be tested to ensure that they fit properly and allow for proper dexterity, while caps may be tested for size and comfort.


Basil provides wide range of inspection category. You name it and we have it. Our range of categories are not only limited to the above categories but it’s lot more than that . If you want more information you can connect with us and we are here to serve you with the best of the services.

Basil Textile Inspection Protocols

We at Basil are inclined towards following the set standard protocols as we understand the importance of the product safety and our clients time and money investment.

We follow both global standard protocols and clients specific protocols ( in case if they have any special requirement) . Our aim is to provide the best compliance free services. Our quality standards for you are mentioned below :


  • Prepare for Inspection
  • Visual Inspection
  • Measurements
  • Fabric Quality Check
  • Inspection of Fabric Construction
  • Identify Defects

Garment, Home Furnishing , Accessories

  • Garment, Home Furnishing , Accessories Protocol
  • Visual Appearance check
  • Style/Colour/Material conformity
  • Workmanship conformity
  • Measurement conformity
  • Stitch per inch (SPI) conformity.
  • Onsite test conformity.
  • Packaging & Labelling Conformity

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