Electric Toy Testing

  • Mechanical Safety Testing
  • Radio Frequency Testing
  • Chemical Safety Testing

Stuff Toy Testing

  • Flammability Testing
  • Physical Safety Testing
  • Azodyes Testing
  • Microbial Testing

Basil provides wide range of testing category. You name it and we have it. Our range of categories are not only limited to the above categories but it’s lot more than that . If you want more information you can connect with us and we are here to serve you with the best of the services.

Standard protocols that we follow:
  • ISO 8124 2018 & A1:2020+A2:2020 is used for Safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties
  • ISO 8124 2014 is used for Flammability
  • ISO 8124 2020 is used for Migration of certain elements
  • ISO 8124 2014 & A1+A2:2019 is used for Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use
  • ISO 8124.3:2020. is used for Determination of total concentration of certain elements in toys
  • ISO standards of 2018 is used for Certain phthalate esters in toys and children's products
  • 2015+2020A1 is used for Requirements and test methods for finger paints
  • ISO/TR 8124 part 8:2016 is used for Age determination guidelines

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