Stuffed Toy Inspection

Stuff toys are generally made up of different type of combination material and are mostly popular among the kids. And when there are kids, safety becomes the priority. So, to ensure their safety Stuffed toy inspection is a must. We at Basil understand the importance of safety and security of children’s, so with a team of well-versed professional we make sure that all the quality standards are being followed while conducting toy inspection for the betterment and safety of the end consumer.

Electric Toy Inspection

Electric toys or hard toys looks fascinating but at the same time we have to give special attention to such products as sharp edges, unsuitable material , design flaws or any electrical fault doesn’t harm the children. So to ensure, our team of experts in Basil does the quality check with the set standard protocols. We ensure that each and every product has been thoroughly checked.

Basil provides wide range of inspection category. You name it and we have it. Our range of categories are not only limited to the above categories but it’s lot more than that . If you want more information you can connect with us and we are here to serve you with the best of the services.

Toy Inspection Protocols

We at Basil are inclined towards following the set standard protocols as we understand the importance of the product safety and our clients time and money investment.

We follow both global standard protocols and clients specific protocols ( in case if they have any special requirement) . Our aim is to provide the best compliance free services. Our quality standards for you are mentioned below :

  • Visual Appearance
  • Packaging test
  • Assembly Check
  • Filling Material Check
  • Workmanship check
  • Functional Test Check
  • Mechanical Hazardous Check
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Leakage current Check

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