Home Care Products Category

Home care products are said to be the most essential component of our daily needs. With the changing times people awareness is more towards maintaining a hygienic lifestyle and so the demand of the home care product had been increasing day by day be it laundry detergents , fabric conditioners , dishwash detergents , floor cleaner , toilet cleaner , glass cleaner , carpet cleaner , oven cleaner , air freshener or car shampoo, body soap and shampoo , people have been wanting it all in different variety and since these are all made up with variety of chemicals and products , manufacturers have to maintain high quality of safety while producing it. And to ensure and check that all the quality standards are being meet , we at Basil with our supremely qualified team of professionals check the quality of the products, to check defects in the products , packaging check, smell check , sharp edge etc. , durability check so that the manufacturers products defect free products.

Basil provides wide range of inspection category. You name it and we have it. Our range of categories are not only limited to the above categories but it’s lot more than that . If you want more information you can connect with us and we are here to serve you with the best of the services.

Home Care Product Inspection Protocols

We at Basil are inclined towards following the set standard protocols as we understand the importance of the product safety and our clients time and money investment.

We follow both global standard protocols and clients specific protocols ( in case if they have any special requirement) . Our aim is to provide the best compliance free services. Our quality standards for you are mentioned below :

  • Parry ware Tile Test
  • Flow ability Check
  • Staining & Spotting Check
  • Wobbly Base & Stability Check
  • Solubility Check
  • Material check
  • Smell / Odour check
  • Packaging test
  • Visual check
  • Workmanship check
  • Capacity check
  • Barcoding check
  • Viscosity Check
  • Leakage Check
  • Foaming Height Check
  • Active Detergent Check

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